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Ceiling Repair Services

Do you have holes, cracks, or water stains in your ceiling? These visible blemishes can be frustrating for homeowners when you are stuck looking up at them. At Classic Painting & Construction, we understand how frustrating it is. That’s why our skilled ceiling repair services are here for you. Our team will patch up those pesky spots and fix your damaged ceiling to restore your home’s charm and beauty.

Classic Painting & Construction can fix ceiling problems safely and quickly. We receive many requests to fix ceilings with water damage, mold, saggy ceilings, and more. Plumbing issues are a massive cause of ceiling repair, and you can depend on us to quickly fix issues, including:

  • Mold in ceiling

  • Attic ceiling installation

  • Popcorn & texture repair & install

  • Fix soggy ceiling

  • Ceiling damage repair

  • Hole in ceiling repair

The most common foundational material found in most modern homes is drywall. Ceilings are typically made from it. As ceiling repair experts, our team can patch up the damage on your ceilings and effortlessly blend the repair so no one can tell the difference! With over 15 years of collective experience, Classic Painting & Construction can offer expert ceiling repair at a budget-friendly price point.

What We Do – Stipple Ceilings

We have a dust-free machine that catches 99% of the dust before it hits the ground, giving our clients a worry-free, smooth and clean experience. In a typical home, our professionals will plastic off furniture, all walls and protect the floor with drop sheets.

We will then get rid of the stipple ceiling (also called the popcorn ceiling) in your preferred timeframe. In most case, we can complete over 500 square feet within ONE DAY; this includes:

1. removing the stipple

2. repair any damage

3. skim coat the entire ceiling with drywall compound

4. prime

5. prime-check and

6. paint two coats of ceiling paint.

With over 15 years within the construction industry, you’ve come to the right place for all your stipple (Popcorn) ceiling needs!

Ceiling Repair and Services
Ceiling Repair and Services

Why Choose Classic Painting & Construction

At Classic Painting & Construction, every member of our professional team is fully licensed and insured to repair ceilings. You can depend on us to repair your ceiling with expert care and proficiency. We will ensure to fix the blemishes and treat you and your home with respect throughout the entire process.

Customer service is at the core of what we do. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our price-point and process before we begin and will walk you through the entire repair process. We make sure to clean up after ourselves, so you can have your charming ceilings without having to worry about dust and debris.

Call Classic Painting & Construction Today

Are you interested in our ceiling repair services? Call us today at 613-406-0388 to learn more about our repair process and schedule a consultation.

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