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Exterior Painting

Never underestimate what a fresh, clean coat of paint can do for the outside of your home! It doesn’t matter if we’re dealing with stucco, wood siding, cedar shingles, brick, vinyl, or wood trim. Expert Exterior House Painters from Classic Painting & Construction have 15 years of experience painting every kind of outdoor material, including:

  • Wood

  • Composite

  • Fascia and Eavestrough

  • Vinyl and Aluminum Siding

  • Decks

  • Patios

  • Stucco

  • Railings

When you choose Classic Painting & Construction for your exterior painting services, you can be confident that you’ll obtain the finest quality paint job from a skilled team of expert exterior painters. At Classic Painting & Construction, our goal is to deliver extraordinary experiences. So leave the painting to us, and you just do the life!

exterior painting

Why Choose Classic Painting & Construction

Results That Last. Budget-Friendly Services.

We know that painting the exterior of your home can seem daunting—that’s why we provide reasonable rates and upfront pricing for all our clients. Once our experts have provided you with your free firm quote, you’ll know exactly what to expect relating to the total cost of your service. We can help you transform the exterior of your home while staying within your expected budget.

Thorough Preparation Process

The Classic Painting & Construction team appreciates the importance of preparation and how it ensures the final paint job is of the finest quality possible. This is why we follow essential steps to prepare all surfaces before we start covering them with magic. Our preparation services include:

  • Getting rid of any loose paint and prepping any glossy areas by sanding and scuffing them

  • Cleaning all surfaces to eliminate any mildew or mold

  • Filling gaps with caulk to prevent any future water intrusions

The steps in the preparatory stage of your exterior house painting services are all-inclusive and accomplished with great attention to detail and concern for your home’s overall curb appeal. Our staff stays in constant communication during the entire project, so you feel comfortable and confident with each step of the process.

exterior painting

Here are some commonly asked questions about exterior painting?

  • Is exterior painting possible in rainy weather?
    We pay close attention to the power of Mother Nature and how it impacts service delivery for us. During such an event, our team will try and reschedule your paint project promptly if it is delayed due to extreme weather conditions.
  • Do you deliver services during cold weather?
    Most paint products recommend not to paint below temperatures of 35 degrees Fahrenheit. However, newer products that utilize novel technology can be used at temperatures as low as 35 degrees, but we commonly do not offer exterior painting service during colder weather.
  • What are the benefits of exterior painting?
    The first line of defence for your home is your exterior paint job. Paint shields the surfaces on the exterior of your home from sun, snow, rain and other weather-related damage. It is crucial to maintain the exterior painted surfaces to prevent long-term damage to the home’s construction.
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