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Stipple Ceiling

Get rid of your old, dingy looking stipple ceiling and breathe new life into your home!

Removing your stipple (popcorn) ceiling is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to update the look in your home.


Our dust-free machine catches 99% of the dust before it hits the ground, giving our clients a worry-free experience. In a typical home, our professionals will plastic off furniture’s, all walls and cover flooring with drop sheets.


We will then remove the stipple ceiling (also known as popcorn ceiling) within a timely manner. In most case, we can complete over 500 square feet in ONE DAY; this includes removing the stipple, repair any damage, skim coat the entire ceiling with drywall compound, prime, prime-check and paint two coats of ceiling paint.


With over 15 years within the construction industry, you’ve come to the right place for all your stipple (Popcorn) ceiling needs!

Why do you need professional help in removing popcorn ceiling?

Eliminating the popcorn ceiling can be untidy and tedious. Rather than attempting to remove it yourself and harming your roof, let our experts do it without any problem. We use an extraordinary tool to remove the popcorn from your ceiling that lessens the residue in your home.

The best thing about possessing a house is that you can tweak it to accommodate your preferences. Furthermore, probably the most ideal approaches to alter your home is with another paint work. All things considered, painting is everything with regards to flaunting your own style!


What’s wrong with popcorn ceiling?

Be that as it may, if you need to flaunt your style start to finish, you may need to make due with everything except for top if you have a popcorn roof. Popcorn roofs are famously difficult to paint. Their uneven surfaces don't give the most obliging surface to paint, and their effectively chipped configuration can bring about an inconsistent wreck. The outcome could be a paint work so difficult and tiring that you should NOT have wasted time with painting at all.

At classic-painting we offer popcorn roof removals, fix, substitution, asbestos removals in Ottawa. Removing popcorn roof is a troublesome and burdensome errand. At classic-painting, our Ottawa painting and redesigning workers can deal with this whole project for you. Our group can set up the remainder of your home before the project starts to guarantee that the removal task doesn’t make extra wreck in your living spaces.

Call us today for popcorn ceiling removal

Call classic-painting today if you are keen on removing popcorn roofs from your home. We can respond to any inquiries that you may have about the coming project, and we would be glad to examine the numerous changes.

You’ll save time and money

You'll save time and cash while refreshing the appearance of your home by using popcorn roof removal services. To modernize your home inside your budget, reach us to get a free quote on the services that you need and start giving your house a new look.

When your popcorn roof is removed, you and your family will have a huge chance to update your inside living spaces. This is the ideal chance to paint and make changes while the remainder of your house is as of now covered. Our indoor painters can assist you with achieving aesthetic goals or make changes that are on top of the priority list.

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