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If your home has a deck, patio, fence, or archways, you know that the unexpected weather elements can take a toll on your beautiful outer surfaces. They require proper care mostly by re-sealing and re-staining at suitable times. And if you fail to do so, they can become a costly home maintenance expenditure compromising the value of your home. The longer you wait to contact a staining expert, the more expensive this ordeal will become.

We are the fence staining experts

We have Fence Staining solutions that are best designed and delivered to improve your fence as well as protect it. We know the suitable stain for every fence type and, therefore, utilize the best industry paints and products to offer excellent staining that will bring out the beauty of the fence and yet offer long-term savings. It is essential that your fence is appropriately coated with the suitable stain - otherwise, it is likely to crack, turn gray, get distorted, or even split. In the case of a wood fence, it is crucial to know what sort of wood it is composed of – whether of spruce, cedar, or pine – or any other. This is because each wood type needs a distinctive type of stain, technique & application.

fence staining in ontario
White Fence

How Do We Prepare for Staining?

Our experts begin the process by prepping the wood fence for stain. For existing fences, this means power washing the fence and replacing spoiled boards or posts and damaged gate hardware. Further, we’ll prepare the area by covering hardscapes and landscapes to shield them from stain splatter and overspray.

fence staining in ontario

Paint vs. Stain for Wood Fencing

Classic Panting & Construction recommends using stain to finish wood fences because, unlike paint, stain penetrates the wood and offers better water and rot resistance. With time, the stain won’t peel away or flake; commonly the color will fade, which shows it’s time for a fresh coat. The best part? Applying a fresh coat of stain is hassle-free since it doesn’t require much prep work or peeling paint.

Give us a Call Today

Let us bring your deck, patio, or fence back to life with our eco-friendly line of products. This will help preserve the longevity of your investment. We have a variety of stains to choose from, oil or water-based.

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